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About iBreathe

iBreathe believes in the future of Nigeria, and the future itself is the people… The youths!

Some analysts have propounded that Nigeria will become a failed state in 10 years or less, and this they say not because of the depletion of her resources or infrastructure, but because of her people.

Even if they were wrong, we could not possibly wait for that time to be sure.

We believe that the reason Nigeria has the current level of violence prevailing is because of the enormous amount of energy possessed by this unique group of people, and almost nothing to do with it.

We realize that giving the youths work to do solves but half the problem, but giving them a vision, a picture on their minds would inspire them to do work, and also become creators of work for their contemporaries.

iBreathe is an organization committed to youth development by way of creating and enhancing platforms that develop youths, outside what the walls of formal education.

iBreathe seeks to “To empower youths with practical skills, in order to help them dream again, believe again – having vision beyond academic degrees.

Please join us in building the future today