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I am my father’s son…

father-sonI am a yoruba boy from a polygamous home
My father has two wives, and nine children by my last count. If you grew up in that kind of setting, you would know the politics that comes with it.
Politics of appealing to father above all other sons, trying to do what pleases him for likely future rewards, the challenge of hope that your mother is favored than the other, the silent prayers of paternal switch. All these and many more.

My father is a good man, he is truly one people will recognize as great, everyone that talks about him say the same thing about his riches, his status, style, charisma and dedication to duty.

The struggles of finding favor with him was tasking, at some point I wondered to myself “what’s the point of trying”, after a while he questioned his ideals, questioned his beliefs and came to a conclusion that “his true son is not the one that just comes from his loins, but one that makes him proud, the one that makes his name great…that is my son!”

Decades passed, years weathered the very core of his thoughts, he asked himself a similar question Esau asked himself “Of what use is my inheritance to me, if I die now?”, similar questions, different situations. Who is the true son?

Nigeria, who is the true son?
I’m not talking about the legitimacy to the rulership, or the surrogacy of power.
Not about the diversity of our ethnicity or the dissonance of our cultural ideologies for dominance
Not about the regional abundance or intellectual capabilities
Not about strength or development
Not about parties or politics
Not about people or person
It’s only about one thing… Heritage.

If you were to have a family with so many children, who would you hand over the helm of affairs to, if you were to know of your time of on earth is at its end? A true son is not known at the last minutes of life, but in the entirety of it.

We have been blinded for so long, that our tribe must bear rule, and we say nothing even when we are disgraced by their acts of whoredom with the national resources. We know the theatrics of their actions and remain mute, because we bear the same ‘name’… A true son will not disgrace, no matter how much money he brings home… True Integrity knows no minor lapses, but thrives under pressure.

Nigeria is a family of one, one name one heritage, indivisible, and unadulterable entity. We may be of different mothers, therefore our different outlooks and cultures, languages and preferences, but one name, one identity and one destiny, that must be upheld at all cost, while demanding accountability from all that claim to represent us. It’s time for each of us to lay asides our differences and with each passing day, say to ourselves “I am my father’s son, I am unique by my culture, identified by my family, and defined by my nation, Nigeria… My father.”

With each breath, each step, each thought… We should keep the future in perspective and ask ourselves everyday, “Are my actions making the nation greener, better or otherwise?”

Your answer makes you know, if you’re a true son… You must be a true son!