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I see the future…

Nigeria is a great land with multifaceted beauty, a land of wealth, potentials, people and places.


Yet a wonder if the diversity of her beauty is truly a blessing or a curse
If the wealth brings health
If the potentials would ever be harnessed
If the people know anything
And if the places are of any worth

Nigeria, the great, the giant of Africa
The land flowing with milk and honey
Her milk is mixed with the blood of feudal clashes and her honey dry

The future, bright but bleak.

I think of myself as a youth and wonder if I could tell my peers about past glory of this nation, or convince them of a future, for the moon now gives heat and the sun cold…disorder conceived as the schema.
We know now that conception is the single most important thing in the living to life or living to death of a man-child.
To be born is to be reborn.

I see the future… Bleak, but bright!

I consider no more what Nigeria has been, for I am a unit of Nigeria. I will treat ‘this’ Nigeria as great, and greatness shall be near, treat her as beautiful, and beauty shall be close, treat her with integrity and equality, only then shall justice, peace and greatness shall equally be shared.

I am Nigeria, I see the future, bright, bright in me.